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Gulfstream has decided to revamp the merchandising program structure. With that, we have decided to develop an entire new e-commerce site to better suit not only the employees but also to launch a store for the Gulfstream customers and fans. 

To ensure brand consistency, I designed the website to share with our vendors who will then build out the site on their platform. The site is scheduled to launch in 2020.



  • Current design is not user-friendly 

  • Reporting is inaccurate

  • Branding needed to be updated to reflect new branding guidelines

  • Photography needed to be updated 

  • Shipping and invoicing needed to be more accurate, user friendly and viewable upfront

  • Missing bulk order options 

  • Lack of options for customization of merchandise

  • Merchandise selection not ideal- add in more variation of levels and brands and less variation of color etc. 

  • Make the website viewable to external customers


  • Interview power users on the website to determine what needs to be changed, adjusted to better suit their needs

  • Create a design that reflects the new Gulfstream branding guidelines

  • Update imagery through new vendor that shows merchandise in multiple views

  • Work with a new vendor that can work connect with the fulfillment center 

  • Utilize new state of the art inventory management systems that have reorder triggers

  • Update shipping and invoicing methods and capabilities

  • Add in SSO capabilities

  • Conduct user testing throughout the process to confirm functionality needs are met

  • Create pricing rules that can be applied along with user permissions to allow site to be viewable to retail customers

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